Whether you want an elegant, unconventional or classic wedding, we will be very happy to participate in wedding preparations to turn your wedding day into a wonderful and unique event.

We offer a complete wedding service including delivery within 100 km and individual wedding services.

It is up to you which of our services you choose.

Bridal bouquet

The design of the wedding bouquet and floral decorations will be created with respect to the type of your figure and wedding dress.

It is also important to choose the right flower, which will be included in your bouquet, the tone and color of the flower and the type of binding.

Wedding table

Choose a cool centerpiece for your wedding table according to you preferred style. White flowers are a classical variant that is always stylish and romantic, and white color is the best one for a winter wedding. Some candles designed in an entire composition will give your guests the feeling of comfort and coziness and depending on the composition you may make the setting more formal.

Wedding ceremony

This is the most important aspect of the wedding. Therefore, it got to be set in a location that holds meaning for the couple. There are great ideas for your wedding ceremony decoration and we are happy to share them with you. Flower decorations may convey the best ambiance and offer an amazing experience for the wedding guests.

Wedding cortege

Wedding cortege can be heard from afar; also it can’t be wrong with anything else. Why? This is the occasion you can decorate your car. Extra chic to cars on your wedding will be added with decoration from natural flowers.

Wedding in church

Church wedding designs include church pew decorations, aisle decorations, centerpiece decorations, altar decorations, church entry and church door decorations.

Small pieces

Small Floral Centerpieces can create a fabulous intimate atmosphere for your wedding ceremony.