Magnolia flowers customer card

Use the benefit offered by a personal Magnolia flowers customer card.Just ask our staff to issue your card and fill in the form.You will recieve up to ten percent discount at purchase over 1000 CZK.

Gift voucher

Our Gift vouchers are preffered way for a nice gift for any ocasion.Just contact us by e-mail and write your idea and amount you want to give.

Delivery service

We deliver our flowers within Prague,Central Bohemia and Prague-West.The deliveries to other areas of Czech republic, Europe and worldwide are done via proven and reliable partners.Please send us an e-mail at least one day prior to requested delivery day.

Corporate services

We render interior floral design services and maintenance to subscribers on month basis. Please approach our staff for more details. Please send your request by e-mail and we will answer you within 24 hours.